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i lost myself at your show lastnight

looking at the sparkly lightsssssss

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i am taylor. im sixteen& i live in wilmington, delaware though i REALLY want to live in KANSAS. im single &hating it. i go to ursuline academy &i hate some of it, but LOOVE most of it. im stupid &get straight Bs no matter what i do. i dye or cut my hair whenever im upset, sad, pissed off, or angry. which is often. i hate my mom. when i grow up i want to be a writer&photographer for some fancy smancy celebrity magazine. its my dream. either that or be a teacher in kansas with a million kids of my own &a husband who inherited millions of dollars. i scribble alot alot &i like to draw, sketch, &write random words. &i've written in my journal/diary almost everyday since second grade. i am the youngest out of all my friends. &i hate it &i love it @the same time. i want to be famous one day, but first i have to get pretty. i live on livejournal. my journal, my friends &all the communities i belong to. its an addiction. i like to kiss celebrities when i meet them, so far i've only kissed two (TYLER HILTON 5/5/05 & JESSE MCCARTNEY 6/14/05) but i plan on kissing MANY more. i carry my digital camera around EVERYWHERE with me &i take pictures of just about EVERYTHING. i cant live without it. i know because i've tried. i would do ANYTHING for a boyfriend. seriously, ANYTHING. you have no idea. HIDE&GOSEEK is my favorite. i LOVE thunderstormsss. i hate when people dont listen to me. especially when i listen &care so freaking much about their lives.

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